ring measurements

How are our rings measured?

The inner circumference is used to measure our ring sizes.

How can I find my own ring size?

Simply use a tape measure or piece of paper.


Tape measure -  wrap the tape around your finger and pull tightly so it feels like a ring. Simply take your measurement and match it up to our ring size chart to find your ring size.

Piece of paper - cut a small strip of paper and wrap it round your finger, pull tightly & write a mark on the paper where it meets. Then remove from your finger and measure with a ruler from the end of the paper to the mark. Match up your measurement to our size chart.


  •  Make sure you pull the paper or measuring tape as tight as possible around your finger

  • If your ring size is between sizes, we recommend sizing down instead of up

  •  The average ring size for women in the UK is size L

Did you know we offer exchanges on rings for new sizes?

Simply email us & we will arrange a new ring to be shipped out to you once we have received your return. Plus we ship the new ring back to you for FREE!

*Please note this is an estimate guide. Many factors can play in choosing your ring size and we do not take any resposibility for the ring size you choose*

bangle measurements

How are our bangles measured?

The inner width and height are measured in CM on every bangle. 

How can I find my bangle size?

Simply take a ruler  and measure the width and the height of your wrist.

Or take a bangle you already own and lay flat. Then take a ruler and measure the inside width and height of the bangle. 


  • All of our bangles open up to put on the wrist (so you don't have to worry about squeezing your hand through)

  •  The bangles that we sell that are 'One Size' are an average UK size

*Please note this is an estimate guide. Many factors can play in choosing your bangle size and we do not take any responsibility for the bangle size you choose*

necklace measurements

How are our necklaces measured?

Laid down flat in a straight line. So that we get the full chain length. All measurements are in CM. 

What are the adjustable links?

The adjustable links are the extra links on the end of your necklace. This is so you can make your necklace longer or shorter.

Chain Length - The smallest size the necklace can go

Adjustable Links - Chain Length + Adjustable Links = the biggest size the necklace can go

Need more help with your sizing? Email our customer service team -    sales@mayluxe.com



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